Dear researchers,for Raising of the conference desirability,please observe the following points:

1- During registration,please complete your information in the registration form very carefully.

 Attention: please avoid from re-registration. If you don’t receive activation email,contact to the conference secretariat. Our colleagues active your account in system immediately and you can log in system with email and password.

 2- During the preparation of your paper for submission in system,please adhere exact format of papers. In order to facilitate,the font sample of papers has been put on the Web site. Please copy your paper partly and paste in received sample format file from the conference site. (The sending final file must be the same format file that you put on your paper in it.)

Note: Please don’t remove abstract of paper from your sending original paper file.

3- If your paper need to edit according to the referees Committee and or you want to edit it,for more description in this regard please contact with the Secretariat. (Please be note that if you want to edit your paper,don’t submit new paper. Replace modified paper with previous paper.)


4- In sending paper file,please consider your organization/institute after name of author.


5- During of original paper title registration,please consider name and family of other authors. Paper certification is issued according to submitted information. (Not from your paper file).in the case of not submission,no objection will be accepted.