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About the conference:

 This is our honor and great pleasure to invite you to "The First International Conference on Electrical Motors and Generators" which will be held in December 18th -19th, 2019 in Sabzevar, Iran. The purpose of the conference is to expand the technical knowledge about electric motors and generators and to present the latest research as well as to encourage the participation of researchers.

Hereby we request the pleasure of all researchers’ presence and those who are interested to participate in this conference. We hope by your presence and by presenting the results of the related researches, regarding electric motors and generators we take a small step forward for more successful industry.


"Jovain Electrical Machines Industries Company (JEMCO)" was established in 1990 in order to satisfy all the industries demands in the field of heavy electrical machines. The factory is built upon an area of 250 hectares, with 6000 square meters of useful space and with 8 production workshops.

The JEMCO factory is equipped with the most modern technical facilities because of high qualified and expert employees (engineers and technicians) and also is able to design productions in accordance to I.E.C standards. The products includes various types of industrial three phase electro motors and generators from 5.5kw to 10000kw. The annual production capacity is 1200 MW equivalent to 12680 units of Electrical Machines.

Test workshop & Laboratory

The JEMCO test workshop is the only laboratory in this kind that accredited and approved by the Iran Standard Organization (ISIRI) and has obtained ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Lab Quality Assurance Certificate through the NAAB of the Canada. The lab by using the advanced and unique equipment has the capability to carry out all the tests and final controls (i.e. type test). Environmental Protection (IP) test and others on various synchronous sand and asynchronous machines and rotor winding, squirrel cage, for DC and electrical motors with variable speeds and up to 10000 KW on the basis of classifications and IEC 60034-1 regulations.

The Abilities of JEMCO Company

1.      Designing and Producing of electric motors form 5.5 KW to 10000 KW.

2.      Repairing of all electric motors and Generators kinds in various power.

3.      There are equipped and modern laboratories in the company and cooperator of the standard institute.

4.      Having high technical potential and expert employees in electromotor and generator fields.

5.      Consulting and giving technical clue in customer site.

6.      Designing and producing exclusive products in accordance of customer orders.

7.      Manufacturing of exclusive parts for another factories via expert employees and special machineries.

8.      Presentation of maintenance for every kind of electric motors and generators.

9.      Designing and providing electrical and control equipment for LV, MV electric motors and F.C. drives.

10.  Installation and commissioning electrical and control equipment for cement industry.

11.  Having the great agencies in all around the country.

12.  Dispatching the expert engineers and technicians to customer site.

13.  The most priceless thing in this company is customers trust and satisfaction that we guarantee our products for 15 months.

14.  Presenting after sale services for unlimited time.

15.  The owner of national standard of Iran.

16.  The owner of ISO 9001:208 certification.

17.  The owner of ISO 17025:2005 international certification.

18.  The owner of ISO 10002:2014 international certification.

19.  The owner of ISO 10004:2012 international certification.

20.  The owner of OHSAS 1800:2007 international certification.

21.  The owner of ISO 14001:2004 international certification.

22.  The owner of CE international certification.

23.  The owner of laboratory certification from standard and technical research Institute of Iran.

24.  The owner of foundation License for R&D department from industry mine and commercial ministry.